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    Wednesday 26th December 2018 12:53:26 AM
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    Industry-based certifications (IBCs) are one model that is being embraced by educators, employers, and policymakers. Market forces, not the educational system, drove the creation of IBCs. They differ greatly from other kinds of postsecondary credentials and awards in that they are exam-based, administered and accredited by third parties, and developed by the private sector with little to no involvement from public institutions. They are not tied to particular programs of study, but can serve as both alternatives and supplements to traditional postsecondary awards, such as college degrees and certificates. Industry-based certifications address several problems that postsecondary credentials currently face: relevance, accountability, consistency, and portability. Because industry-based certifications are more flexible than traditional degrees, they better reflect current industry standards and competencies, which are in constant flux."
    Monday 31st July 2017 03:36:11 PM
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    Certification means you have achieved certain performance criteria set by the certifying organization, usually knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs), either through training or experience. In today's high tech world, certification is considered proof of professional status and is often required for jobs.
    Monday 31st July 2017 03:32:58 PM
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    F.O.A Means Fiber Optic Association.
    Thursday 14th September 2017 06:00:12 AM
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    FOA stands for Fiber Optic Association that was chartered as a professional society to promote professionalism in fiber optics through education, certification and standards
    Monday 31st July 2017 03:29:55 PM
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    Fiber optics has become the predominant communications medium, not just for the Internet and telephones, but also for cable television, cellular phones, security systems, computer networks, energy (oil, gas and electric) etc. Workers in all these fields are expected to understand how fiber optics is used and, in many cases, be competent in its installation, operation and maintenance. Training in these areas has become extremely important and The Fiber Optic Association was created to help. FOA is the professional society for fiber optics, recognized worldwide.
    Monday 31st July 2017 03:27:14 PM

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